P4² DID Conference Purchase Options

We are so glad you are interested in attending the P4² Conference.  It will be fabulous to meet you -- in person as a "Roomie" or via Zoom as a "Zoomie".

New to Zoom?   Don't worry -- we will email helpful information and instructions to you after you register. Also, please know that during the Conference, Zoom assistance will be available for you as well.

Choose a ticket from the options below to secure your place.

** IMPORTANT **  After making payment, PayPal will redirect you to the conference registration page but please be patient, it can take up to 10 seconds for the redirect to happen.  It is important that you DO NOT close down the PayPal thank you page.

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One-Day Friday Only, Oct 22

Adventure Day with Kathy and Dedra. Clinicians welcome to join.

One-Day Saturday Only, Oct 23

Conference: Dr Patino, Dedra Serafin, Kathy Broady presenting.

One-Day Sunday Only, Oct 24

Conference: Kathy Broady and Laura Boettger presenting.

Two Day Pass

Join both Saturday and Sunday Conferences (10% discount).

Three Day Pass

Friday Adventure Day, Saturday, and Sunday Conferences (15% discount)