What to Bring

What to Bring with You

First, I'm so very glad you are coming to the P4 Retreat: North Carolina 2023 and that you need to actually pack your things!   We will have a fantastic time in our remote, countryside fancy-dancy lodge, but part of being out in the privacy of this location means that we are not particularly close to town.

SO.... when you pack, try to bring as many things that you may need as the options to go buy something won't really be an option.



Suggested Packing List. What to Bring to Retreat: NC '23

Warm weather clothes, with layers to add or remove will be good. Bring sweatshirts for a wide range of temperatures.  The weather in the mountains of North Carolina in July is cooler than you might expect. It rains a lot, even in July, and expect weather changes throughout the day.  Average highs in upper 70’s and average lows in the mid 60’s.

Yes, there is a washer and dryer.

No politics or profanity on your clothing please.

Pajamas.  Please wear some. Yep, clothes are required at all times!  Remember, we are all sharing rooms 😉

Hiking shoes or sturdy sneakers. There will be outside activities for those able to participate. (Maybe two pair of shoes in case one gets wet.)

Flip-flops can be good for water play, but also good to wear in the shower if you are worried about sharing showers with others.

Water shoes if you want to play in the river or waterfalls.  River rocks are slippery, so you'll need something that can grip.

Swimsuit or water-wearable clothes for waterfall and river play.

Toiletries. The Retreat Lodge has shampoo, conditioner, soap, towels, bed linens, or if you prefer your own soaps or towels, bring your favorites.  Also, bring extra Clorox wipes if you want extra sanitizing of your own spaces.

Medications, prescriptions, and any medicines you may need for injuries your system tends to have, such as Advil, band aids, burn cream, itch cream.  Bring your allergy medicines, Epi-Pens, Asthma Inhalers / Rescue Inhalers.  We will have additional First Aid items onsite as well.

Sleep equipment.  CPAP, sleep mask, sleep sound machine. Your own pillow. Your favorite blanket. Whatever you need to sleep. We want everyone to be well rested.  Bring an air mattress if you need for comfort, or for more personal sleep space.

Bug spray, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella.  Comfort items for the great outdoors!

Lawn chairs if you are driving and have room.

Refillable water bottle.

Notebooks and pens for daily homework and journaling.  Noodle is going to teach us all about writing amazing acronyms.

Art supplies.  Paper to draw on if you have a preference, markers, colored pencils, crayons.  There will be some art supplies at the Retreat Lodge, but you may also bring your own.  (No glitter!!)

Your favorite night-night story. Miss Kathy might chose a few to read to the kids.

Toys or stuffies for your littles to play with, things for your teens, or your opposite gendered insiders. Every insider is welcome, and can be comfortable, and feels included.

Games to play.  Board games, indoor games, outdoor games, card games.  Many games will be provided, but if you have a favorite to share, bring it!

Snacks.  Snacks to share or not (or to hide from the Irises - who love snacks LOL)

Sodas.  If you are addicted to Diet Pepsi, (like Iris), bring extra.  Let the Diet Pepsi vs Diet Coke wars continue!   If you are addicted to these sugary drinks, bring your own stash.  We will provide some drinks, but not enough for those of you who need soda all day, all day, all day.

There is a Keurig coffee machine if you want to bring your favorite coffee pods. (Iris also loves coffee.) (Miss Kathy prefers mocha and hot chocolate!).

Note:   THIS lodge has a coffee station and mini-fridge located in the upstairs hallway!  You won't even have to come downstairs for your morning coffee.

You can bring a tech device.  Computer, iPad, phone, etc.  Plan to secure your devices with a locked bag or locked backpack.  Bring your own lock.  There is no safe.  Yes, there is Wi-Fi.  However, the Wi-Fi in the mountains will not be awesome, and the house Wi-Fi may have trouble supporting 15-20 people on their phones at once.

Earbuds or headphones if you need to listen to your stuff without the rest of us hearing your music.

Bring your own tent if you want to.  There's lots of space outside if the cabin feels too busy inside.