P4 Retreat: MONTANA 2022

A highly unique event specifically designed for DID trauma survivors.

P4 Retreat: MONTANA 2022


Spaces are Limited. Only a few spots left.


Because of course, this is a retreat for dissociative folks.  Therefore, we must have multiple opportunities to help make your time away work best for you. Which event option fits your schedule the best?


1.  The FULL EVENT:  10 days, 9-night stay, from Sept 2 - Sept 11.

  • Check in at the Montana Cabin by 3 pm Friday, Sept 2.
  • Stay until we pack up, around noon, on Sunday, Sept 11.
  • If you are arriving by plane in Spokane, contact us for pertinent travel and arrival details.
  • $2880 covers your lodging, food, recreation, and 10 days of intensive educational information with Kathy plus DID community companionship.


2.  The PARTIAL WEEK: 4 days, 3-night stay, with 3 different time chunks:

  • Fri, Sat, Sun:  [Sept 2, 3, 4.]   Arrive on Friday, Sept 2.  Check out Monday morning Sept 5 by 10 am.
  • Mon, Tues, Wed:  [Sept 5, 6, 7.]  Arrive on Monday, Sept 5.  Check out Thursday morning, Sept 8 by 10 am.
  • Thurs, Fri, Sat:   [Sept 8, 9, 10.]   Arrive on Thursday, Sept 8.  Check out Sunday morning Sept 11, about noon-ish.
  • $1480 covers your lodging, food, recreation, and 4 days of intensive educational information with Kathy plus DID community companionship.


3.  The WEEK EVENT: 7 days, 6-night stay, selecting 2 of the 3-night options.

  • Gotta be somewhere on one weekend or the other?  Come for the rest of the time.  Six nights with extra dayside time -- that's lots of room for you to enjoy the retreat.
  • $2220 covers your lodging, food, recreation, and 7 days of intensive educational information with Kathy plus DID community companionship.


4.  The DAY RETREAT: 1 - 10 days, selecting your own number of days

  • Our specially-designed option for anyone who did not get a space to stay in the Retreat Cabin.
  • Stay at a local hotel of your choosing and drive yourself in for the day activities at the Retreat Cabin.  Your own transportation is required.
  • Join the Retreat Education and Activities for approximately 12 hours per day, 9am - 9pm.
  • Want to design which days you come?  Daily price:  $248 per day.
  • $2244 covers 10 days of food, recreation, and intensive educational information and activities with Kathy plus DID community companionship.


If you are flying in to the area, the best airport is the SPOKANE airport.

If you are flying in, please contact us for more information re: travel details and timing of flights.

Also, please note that the SPOKANE airport is in a different time zone (Pacific) than our Montana retreat location (Mountain).  There is an hour difference between the two time zones.

Also, the SPOKANE airport is about a 2 or 2.5 hour drive from our location. Contact us about details re: driving to Montana.

P4 Retreat: MONTANA 2022 Registration Details

  • The OFFICIAL Registration Link must be emailed to you by the Discussing Dissociation Client Care Team.
  • A Preview Registration page is visible on this site.  (NOT an active registration form.)
  • Payment is required before registration is official.
  • Payment issues must be addressed before the official Registration Form link is sent to you.
  • Payment plan options may be available in certain situations.
  • Contact us if you have any questions.