Walmart Grocery Pickup Process

All meals will be provided at the retreat.

However…… you got some personal faves?

Your kiddos want to make sure their bestest treats are there?

Need to get something that you couldn’t pack in your suitcase?

Got something in mind to share with the group?


We will have plenty of food for you at the retreat lodge — you will have lots to eat — but we won’t necessarily have your special requirements. This scheduled Walmart Grocery Pickup will allow you to get the items you will need over and above what is provided for you.

Also, please remember that our retreat is at a remote location, not very close to town. We will not be planning any trips to the store during the week, and there is nothing within walking distance. This stop at Walmart (as we drive by, coming from the ATL airport) is your opportunity to get the items you may need over the days ahead at the retreat
location. Think ahead. Plan your list, and prepare in advance.

If you have specific dietary needs, specific allergies, specific meal plans, or if you would like some extra snacks, or prefer an abundance of sodas, etc, here is a step-by-step guide on how to place a pickup order at the Walmart in Clayton, GA.


Your Walmart pickup will be done on the morning of your arrival, on the way from the Atlanta GA airport to the NC '23  retreat location.

NOTE: We are NOT shopping IN the store — there will not be nearly enough time to do that. We are ONLY doing PICKUP orders.

Walmart allows only 25 pickups per hour, so it is HIGHLY ADVISED you place your order two to three days before the pickup date (but no more than three days).

Please add Kathy Broady as the main pickup person, and yourself as the alternative pickup person to make this process easier for us and the Walmart staff. Having all orders placed under the same one name will help Walmart keep our orders contained together. This will also help maintain your personal privacy in a group setting.

Bring your own thermal bags for hot/cold items if you need something kept at a specific temperature. The Clayton GA  Walmart is still a lengthy drive from our retreat location.



Go to and click the “How Do You Want Your Items?” tab in the top-left of the website.



Select the PICKUP option icon:

(NOTE:  For NC '23, select options for Clayton GA, not Ponderay ID as shown in the pictures below.)



The location box beneath the pickup icon will most likely be set to your home location.


The zip-code needed is 30525.

Walmart Clayton Supercenter
1455 Highway 441 South
Clayton, GA 30525



Once you have the pick-up location secured to Clayton Supercenter, in Clayton GA, start searching and shopping for items you want.



Make sure any item you select says “Pickup” beneath the item.



When you are done shopping, checkout and click the “RESERVE A TIME” link:



Select YOUR ARRIVAL DATE, and the [ TO BE DETERMINED LATER ] time-slot:

*** Please NOTE:  The exact time of the Walmart Pick-up for NC '23 will be determined after we complete more of the official Registration process. ***




When you get to the Review Order page, click the “edit” link next to your name:



Change the Primary Person Name to: Kathy Broady

Change the Primary Person Email to:

In the Alternate Pickup Person area: add your own name and email.

(Doing this allows for easier and faster pickup, while maintaining personal privacy.)



Afterwards, enter all of your payment information, then click “Place Order”:



You’re all set! You did it! That’s a big one. And now, you are one step closer in being ready for a good time at the retreat, with no worries about foods or drinks.

Happy munchings!

See you soon.