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The PUZZLERS are Coming to NC 2023!

As you know, Discussing Dissociation is all about puzzle pieces.  The metaphor of the puzzle piece is totally perfect to match with Dissociative Disorders, and Kathy has written several articles using puzzles and puzzle pieces as the core illustration.

Puzzle pieces have been so very important that we've made our own puzzle pieces!

These little puzzlers have been at all our events, and will continue to come along our journey with us.  We first saw them in the Art Show in Phoenix.  Then out on display in Chicago.  They sat on top of the grand piano in Montana.  So absolutely, yes, of course, the puzzlers will find their own special spot in North Carolina as well.


Each puzzler is unique and different from all the rest.  Different colors, different placements of internal pieces.  Some are darker, some are lighter.   If you look inside, you'll see more and more internal layers.

Look at the layers and layers on the Inside too

Just like people with dissociative systems, these little puzzlers have lots of inside "people".  The insides of the puzzlers changes, from piece-to-piece.  You'll notice different colors, different shapes, unique placements, interesting combinations.

Which puzzler do you relate to?

Which puzzler most closely represents what it looks like inside your system world?


Each puzzler is unique to itself.  Filled with a variety of little insiders, but not the same as any other puzzler.  Can you see the differences?  Which of these puzzlers do you relate to the most?

Puzzlers Waterfall

Being near all the waterfalls of North Carolina Highlands area, it is only fitting to see a waterfall of puzzlers as well.


Sometimes, meeting the different insiders feels like one big giant pile of complicated puzzlers.  Where do you start?  How do you figure out who is who?  Learning how to do effective system work is crucial for your healing.

Puzzlers Bench

This picture of puzzlers reminds me of the many groupings of insiders that may exist within a single dissociative system.  Your inside people may be many, grouped together in their own little worlds, connected but separate from each other.


So precariously balanced!   Your system can be just this precise, sitting solidly in the middle, but also sitting just off the edge.  How many hard knocks can your group tolerate before it feels like a few of you are all too close to falling off?  What does it take to keep everyone inside balanced, and happy, and stable?   Puzzlers....  providing so many metaphors for dissociative healing.

Puzzlers Bench

Puzzlers_red flowers_bench

PERFECTLY balanced!   It's not easy to get to know everyone in your system, and to find ways for all the different parts of your puzzlers to work together, but it really can be done, and you too, can do it.