Menu for P4 Retreat: North Carolina 2023


Our MENU for the P4 Retreat:  North Carolina 2023 will be posted soon.  Please check back later for updated details.


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We’re going to be in a gorgeous mountain location, but still a fair way from grocery stores or restaurants or convenience stores, so simple country cooking is the plan.  There won't be time for store outings -- we are planning ahead.

This menu isn't set in stone, and there could be changes, especially due to availability at the local shops.  Here is a projected menu plan for the Full Event.

***  If you are unable to eat certain foods, or need certain food items, be sure to bring your own substitutions that will work for your individual diet plan.  ***

You are welcome to bring any of your own favorite foods, your favorite snacks, your favorite desserts, etc.  Pack what you can in your suitcases, or you may plan a Walmart Shop (pickup only) on your arrival day.  See the Walmart Grocery Pickup Process page for more info.

I'm sure this menu won't be to the exact tastes of everyone, but I am not a restaurant manager, or a chef, and I'd rather spend my time out there talking with y'all than cooking in the kitchen.  The foods selected are pretty simple, and easy, but hopefully, healthy, and tasty, and of course, a little fun.

NC '23 Menu Overview


Continental style breakfast with boiled eggs, cold cereals, oatmeal, breads, toast, muffins, fruit, yogurt, etc.

And GRITS!  Grits are a North Carolina staple.  We will have them.

Thankfully, someone who does mornings better than me will be in the kitchen.  Breakfast will be set out early for you, in a help-yourself-buffet style, like hotels do for morning breakfasts.

No specific service provided — come get what you want, make what you want, eat what you take, and clean up after yourself, thank you.

And at this retreat location, y'all can make your morning coffee upstairs in the coffee bar area in the upstairs hall.  YES -- coffee close by!  Most of us can have a least one cuppa coffee upstairs before trying to walk down those stairs.   I'm sure there will be more coffee available on the lower floor / dining room area as well, so those of you on the main floor won't go without.


A variety of sandwiches and salads will be available each day.   For example:

  • Lunch meats
  • Tuna salad
  • Egg salad
  • Chicken salad
  • Peanut butter and jelly

Also, leftovers from dinners may be available for you to eat for lunch.

Lunch will be quick and easy.  It’s the middle of our day, and there is not much time for cooking.


Note:  A variety of salads will be available for all dinners.
Plus slaw.  Apparently putting slaw on your meats is a North Carolina tradition.  We will have SLAW.  And if you stack your slaw on your meat, make sure to let me know.

NC '23 Day-by-Day Menu


Pizza Night

Who doesn’t like Friday night pizza?

Nothing fancy, but we’ll have a variety of pizzas to choose from.

Some vegetarian options


Rice Bowl and/or Burrito Night

Ever eaten at Chipotle?  This is our simplified version of a common fave.

Chicken and rice (not spicy), black beans, corn, spinach, fajita meats, chorizo, plus spicy sauces on the side

Make your plate as calm or as spicy as you choose!

Some vegetarian and gluten-free options


Carolina BBQ

Some version of Carolina BBQ!

(Not exactly sure yet ... still researching!)

Maybe this will be the Brunswick Stew night

Hopefully some Georgia Peaches will be added in as a dessert item.

Some vegetarian and gluten-free options



Stuffed baked potato night

Top your ‘tator with beans, chili, broccoli, sour cream, cheeses, sautéed onions and mushrooms

Homemade soup on the side

Some vegetarian and gluten-free options


Taco Tuesday / Nacho Night.

Which do you prefer?  Tacos or nachos ?

Beef or chicken or fish?

Refried beans, black beans, jalapeños, cheese, sour cream, chili

Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives

Chips and salsa


Some vegetarian and gluten-free options


Pasta Night

Pasta — with two sauces: red sauce or Alfredo sauce.

We’re keeping the meats on the side: shredded chicken, beef, or meatballs

Macaroni and cheese for the kiddos!

Some vegetarian options


Breakfast for Supper

Crepes and pancakes

We’ll have a variety of toppings, fruits, syrup, chocolate — make it fun!

Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, chorizo on the side

Some vegetarian options


Carolina BBQ #2

If we are in North Carolina, home of the BBQ, we have to enjoy NC BBQ

Still researching just how and what this means... but check back.

Some vegetarian and gluten-free options



It’s our last dinner, so we’ll be having a little bit of everything.

Rice Bowl and Burrito Night, round 2

Sloppy Joe’s with some extra veggies

It’s officially Left-Over Night — finish up whatever there is in the fridge.

Some vegetarian and gluten-free options


Bright, colorful Jello!  Regular and Sugar Free.

Kids’ Party with cake and/or cupcakes

Chocolate cake -- a must have

Bring or make your own favorite dessert to share.

Who’s bringing the brownies?


Microwave popcorn

Potato chips

Chips and salsa

Fresh fruit and veggies

Small carrots

Cheese and crackers

Celery, with peanut butter and ranch