P4 Retreat: North Carolina 2023

A highly unique, creative event specifically designed for dissociative trauma survivors.



Can you imagine yourself here?

Have you ever walked under a waterfall?

What if you dared to come?

Think about it:  10 days / 9 nights at a beautiful mountain lodge, sitting beside a lovely rocky stream, close to waterfalls, with incredible, breathtaking views in every direction.  You're there, participating at a quiet peaceful healing event, specifically created for DID trauma survivors.  You're able to enjoy freedom to rest and relax, but also, be fully prepared for daily participation in DID education of an advanced level.  Experience activities specifically designed for teaching DID systems important communication skills and DID system work.  You'll meet other dissociative systems, become friends with their people, and see how DID presets in their lives as well.

In this unique setting, with a select group of dissociative trauma survivors, YOU WILL LEARN A LOT about yourself and your insiders!

Expect to have heaps of fun, but plan to get a lot out of it as well.

Ready to go?

Registration will be available soon.

Various dates available, from 21 - 30 July  2023.


We look forward to seeing you in North Carolina!

OPTIONS to Make the Dates Work for YOU


1.  A 10 day / 9-night stay, from 21 - 30 July

              Be brave! Come to The Full Event! **

            **Note: Full Event registrants and
DDCF Forum members
get top priority
if attendance maximums are reached.

2.  The Partial Week, a 4 day / 3-night stay, with 3 different time chunks:

Fri, Sat, Sun -- July 21, 22, 23 (depart July 24)

Mon, Tues, Wed -- July 24, 25, 26 (depart July 27)

Thurs, Fri, Sat -- July 27, 28, 29 (depart July 30)

3.  The Week Event: a 7 day / 6-night stay, selecting 2 of the 3-night options.

          4.  The Day Retreat option From your personal hotel, drive to the P4 Retreat Lodge for the day, join us approximately, 9 am - 9 pm.  Select  your preference of  any day, 1 - 10 days.



Attendance limited to approximately 20 participants


The Retreat price will include:

  • Lovely, spacious, upscale lodging and accommodations for the entire length of your stay.
  • Foods for all 3 meals each day, plus some snacks will be provided as well.  If you need something different, or more specialized foods, or only organic, or only gluten-free, or only vegan, etc, that will be yours to provide for yourself, but keep in mind that many foods will already be there.  Unless you're super selective about what you eat, you won't be hungry.  However, it is definitely okay to bring what you like, and bring some goodies to share with others, if you want to.
  • Most activities will be located on the retreat grounds --  we will not be bored.  We have 4 acres, trees, mountains, lawns and a mountain stream to play with.  So many fun things are being planned!   Art, music, and dance related activities will also be an option for those less interested in going outdoors.
  • Educational group discussions, many teachings, specifically designed DID-related exercises / activities, hints and tips for effective system work, etc.  There will numerous helpful, educational elements experienced each and every day.  None of the days will be the same.  We will do a variety of DID-related talks and activities each day.
  • Q & A with Kathy.   In addition to planned Q&A sessions, I'm gonna be there, sitting or walking somewhere in the area, and there's no doubt in my mind that y'all will be asking me questions.  During all the days of going and coming, I'll be there to chat about all kinds of everything.  Ask me, and I'll do my very best to answer as many questions as possible.
  • Time to chatter with your pals, your forum buddies, and other dissociative people.  Meet other dissociative systems! The in-person community elements of these kinds of get-togethers is worth its weight in gold.  Y'all will really enjoy spending time together.
  • The beauty of nature and an absolutely healing landscape.  The setting alone will bring peace and healing to your wounds and exhaustion.  You'll feel like you're on a luxury holiday just because this place is so incredibly gorgeous, inside and out.



P4 Retreat Leadership


Kathy Broady, founder of DiscussingDissociation.com is the P4 Retreat: North Carolina 2023 leader and main presenter.  Kathy's in-depth understanding of Dissociative Identity Disorder has been the source of the unique nature of this retreat.

Is Kathy new to you?   She's been around for donkey's years!!  Kathy started working in the field of Trauma and Dissociation in 1984, and met her first DID person in 1988 in Canada.  There is a whole lot more to that story, and how this initial encounter with a dissociative teenager led to an entire career spanning decades of time, based in three different countries, all focused on work with the dissociative population.

If you'd like to know more about Kathy's story, go to DiscussingDissociation.com to learn heaps more information.  While you're there, read about Kathy's many years of work with dissociative trauma survivors, and explore over 400 articles of information describing her methods, philosophies, belief system, and descriptions of DID System Work.  You can see Kathy's approach to working with dissociative systems and her understanding complex healing journeys.

Kathy has many creative ideas for how to teach the dissociative population effective ways to approach their healing, how to do internal system work, and how to connect more deeply with their inner parts.  This retreat is just one more example of using positive healing experiences -- encouraging dissociative survivors to experience healing, not to just read about it.   Positive, healthy experiences for the whole system helps to heal negative painful experiences that required splitting in the first place.  While acknowledging and addressing the trauma is essential, of course, as well as developing improved system communication, and also, providing a plethora of corrective emotional experiences for a variety of system members adds great depth and brings vibrancy into the healing process.