AGENDA for P4 Retreat: MONTANA 2022

Feeling stressed or overly anxious or overwhelmed with internal chaos?

Want to learn more about DID and your internal system?

Have questions about dissociation, and feeling like you need some time with other DIDer's?


Enjoy 10 days, and 9 nights (or 3, or 6, you can pick) at a luxurious  mountain lodge tucked away in a gorgeous river valley.  Good company, good conversation, and fantastic nature -- what better way is there to get a healing experience?!

Retreat dates available from September 2nd to 11th 2022.

What will we be doing all day?


Lots of things!  Lots and lots of things!

Wake up around 7 or 7:30 am in a welcoming community atmosphere.  Get ready for brekky, and have a morning chatter over coffee.  Coffee is definitely required, just saying.  Oh wait.  Maybe it's coffee first, chatter second.

We’ll start each day with a Kathy-inspired group discussion, all about the theme of the day.  DID-specific, of course.  

Our DID theme of the day will lead to a variety of specially designed DID system activities.   Assuming the weather will be beautiful, we will apply these challenges to creative outdoor adventure activities in that amazing Montana landscape.

All that sunshine and a little physical activity will build up your appetite for casual lunches with friends to chat about your dissociative life  experiences and create lasting friendships.  Laughter is required over lunchtime!

The afternoon brings us to arts and crafts, maybe some music or creative writing, ongoing serious discussions, and also allowing for some down time to those who require seclusion to recharge.  Have you ever had a nap in an outdoor hammock?

We’ll gather together again for dinner, have another group discussion about the topic of the day, talk about how you managed your day's  DID-specific challenges.  What did you learn? Where did you struggle? How did your insiders help or participate with the challenge?

If you're tired, you may call your day to an end after our last group chat, or if you're still going strong, join other attendees with fun evening activities such as campfires, music, games, and casual conversation.  OH, and don't forget the hot tub, that huge outdoor deck, and those amazing starry nights.

At some point, crash in your room, get a good night's rest, because we'll be hitting it strong again the next day!


Or, if you prefer a more structured agenda, here is a  flexible  daily schedule.

ALL times are approximate. The atmosphere at this retreat will be casual, calm, peaceful and relaxed and if you've spent any time with Kathy, you'll already know that strict schedules aren't her thing!

7 or 7:30 am   Personal waking time

8 am   Morning Breakfast

9 am   Morning Group Discussion, led by Kathy

11 am   Selection from a list of active activities for the day:  hiking, walking the grounds, yard games, river exploration, fishing, canoeing, doing designated outdoor system activities, DID-designed system challenges, etc.

12:30 pm   Lunch

2 pm   Afternoon group check-in, quick group chat.

2:30 pm   Selection from a list of quieter activities for the day:   art projects, writing exercises, music, skits and role plays, designated system activities, DID-designed system challenges, etc.

4:30 pm   Personal Time

6 pm   Dinner

7:30 pm   Evening group discussion

8:30 or 9 pm and onwards...   Free time for community chats, board games, puzzles, personal time, campfire chats, hot tub relaxation, etc.