The P4 Retreat Lodge -- in the Rainforest Mountains of North Carolina


Our P4 Retreat, NC '23, has gone out to some rural, remote, rainforested mountains!   Once again, we chose an inspirational natural setting.  Talk about gorgeous!  We'll see scenery and experience serenity and peace -- a calm that will help heal your heart just by being there.

We first met in the dry desert city of Phoenix Arizona (southwest USA, 2020) and had a great time, despite all odds with the world pandemic.  Then we went north to the fantastic downtown riverwalk area of Chicago Illinois (central USA, 2021), for some amazing architectural beauty.  In 2022, we headed out to the northwestern side of the country for some massive Montana mountains. We enjoyed being surrounded by scenic mountains, rivers, and valleys, with awesome views in every direction, feeling safe with acres of space and privacy for our event.

And this year, 2023, we've stayed with a remote mountain location, and have gone deep into the cool, leafy rainforests of North Carolina.  We will be located near one of the wettest areas of the country, and it's filled with waterfalls.

Not only will we enjoy our amazing Retreat House, we will also take the time to experience some of those incredible waterfalls.


Check this out:  The Retreat Lodge

Let's start with outdoors, and oh my!  What a gorgeous view from the back patio!

Imagine sitting out here to see the trees, the flowers -- the rainforest -- including our very own mountain stream during the day, then seeing the starry skies by night.  This peaceful, private setting will bring healing to your tender wounds, just being here.



Bring out some coffee.  Have a cuppa tea.  Sit quietly, relax, breathe.....  Take in the fresh mountain air, and listen to the mountain stream.  Doesn't the very thought of a beautiful morning sitting here warm your soul?

With acres of this gorgeous landscape to play in, we'll have a mixture of outdoor activities and adventures, especially during the day.   The Retreat Acreage has forested areas, outdoor walking paths, and private sitting places.


Get away from the crowded busy city, and enjoy a little peace and quiet outdoors.   Only the birds will be able to hear the complex conversations that will be happening here!



This retreat location has oodles of space in the front, outdoor space in the back, more outdoor areas to the side, and all kinds of land to explore.   Our adventure walks will be awesome!



Would you rather sit by the little rocky mountain stream?  You've got options for quiet reflection or private conversation out here as well.



So pretty!   It's just green and gorgeous every direction you look!



Not to be outdone by the incredible outside scenery, the inside our lovely Retreat House is amazing as well.  We will have plenty of space to be comfortable, be creative, have group discussions, do art projects, or have those important private talks.  We'll have to bring our own piano this year, but I think that just might be a possibility.


Oh, and have a look at the wonderful places we can gather together for our talks.
There is a mixture of private settings, and also group settings.

Do you see yourself sitting in one of these awesome spots, having a good ol' heart-to-heart with someone?  I sure do!



Won't it be fun to have some time in such a gorgeous giant house?

Each of the personal rooms at this Retreat Lodge are particularly spacious, luxurious, comfortable, and stunning. Each room is decorated tastefully, and is brimming with lovely extra features.   You will have your own sitting area, your own work table, your own bathroom, your own fireplace, plus your own outdoor balcony!



Even with a number of attendees, and shared rooms, with the size of these rooms, don't expect to feel crowded.  Look at all the personal space you'll have, just in your own private area.



Tired of sitting in the house, but still need some privacy?  Take your coffee, your journals, and your artbook out to your own outdoor balcony.  Sit in the comfort of your own space while also enjoying the relaxing sounds of the rainforest.


Can you picture yourself here?

Are you ready to learn more about DID and how to work with your internal system?
This is the spot!  It's a great place to relax, to learn, to rest, and to mingle with a safe community.