P4 Retreat: MONTANA 2022

A highly unique event specifically designed for DID trauma survivors.


Select to stay 3, 6, or 9 peace-filled nights, or a few days of your choosing at a beautiful mountain lodge in a gorgeous river valley.  Dates options are available between September 2nd to 11th, 2022.

We'll have fun, but be prepared to learn lots about living with DID, increasing system communication, and overall system management.




Each day we will have:

Morning discussion group process talks, where Kathy will present a topic related to life with DID.  “Today’s focus will be…..”

Evening process groups where we discuss the events of the day, and have educational talks about what was learned or experienced.

Group discussions that are Q&A question periods, where we can talk openly about attendee questions about DID and how to problem solve or understand what is happening.

Group and individual activities demonstrating or encouraging DID system work and DID internal communication.

Designated and specifically designed as outdoor activities on the grounds to teach information about DID system communication.

Fun and playful activities designed specifically for the kid parts.

Art projects that emphasize DID system work, personalized to each participant.

Journaling or writing projects, including those infamous acronyms.  Bring notebooks and plenty of writing utensils!

Ongoing array of puzzles to work, because the Puzzle Metaphor is just that important at P4 events!

Community sharing of regular household tasks, ie: cooking, cleaning, managing the lodge so there is no messy build up.

Outdoor Relaxation-Recreation Time — time to sit on the deck, splash around in the outdoor spa, relax in the hammock, canoe in the river, explore hiking trails, go on adventure walks, sit by the fire pit, etc.

Music time.  Kathy will play the grand piano as requested.  Bring music and play lists that you might want to share.

Dance and body movement — connecting to the physical self with a calm, relaxed atmosphere (not necessarily a daily event)

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, with spontaneously fun moments planned through out our meal times.

Community Time.  Yes, there will be plenty of down time where you can talk to other attendees, or take some personal time for yourself.


In forum discussions, I have heard many requests and plans for cookie day.  Sounds fun, hey?  A day where everyone bakes and shares their favorite cookie?

Here are my thoughts about that.

Whoever wants to bake their favorite cookies, (or your favorite dessert, no matter if it is cookies or not), plan to do exactly that.  Plan to bake YOUR favorite cookies, and plan on making approximately 3-4 dozen.

Remember, we'll have approximately 20 people there (give or take a few).   Two dozen cookies allows only one cookie per person.

Now, maybe everyone won't try one of your cookies, but maybe someone else will really love your cookies, and would like 2 or 3 of them.

I say, expect that YOUR favorite cookie will be a giant hit with the group, and plan to make as many as you can to share.

In doing so -- bring all the ingredients that you need for 4 dozen cookies with you.

Look up your recipe, look up the ingredients.  DO THE MATH ahead of time for what you need to make 4 dozen cookies.

One helpful suggestion has been to measure, and pre-bag the amount of flour you will need so you don't have to bring an entire bag of flour.

Also, all the other ingredients -- pack them with you.   Cookie recipes have lots of little specific ingredients, so be sure to bring what your recipe calls for.


Our eggs will be farm fresh eggs. Rainbow colored eggs of all shapes and sizes.   Straight from the hen's nest to our cabin.  Yep, that fresh!

If you prefer store-bought eggs, you are welcome to get your own.  The farm fresh eggs supplied at our retreat will be donated by local farmers.

Yes, the Cabin supplies a few cooking basics, but I don't really know what that is, so I'd rather say to you to err on the side of safety and bring the ingredients that you need, even if you put some of the ingredients on your Walmart shopping list.

IF you have room in your luggage to toss in baking pans, bring them.  The cabin will likely have a couple, but not necessarily enough for a marathon cookie baking day.

I want you to have a positive Cookie Day experience, so be sure to have all the ingredients and tools you need to show off your favorite cookies and desserts!

BYOCBS.  (Bring Your Own Cooking Baking Stuff!)


This is going to be a FUN day !!