Preparing Ahead: What to Bring to Chicago


The weather in late October is seasonally cool with average temperatures ranging from a low of 48 degrees Fahrenheit (9 degrees Celsius) to a high of 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius). The average weather conditions during the month of October call for clear or partly cloudy skies. While this is not a particularly heavy precipitation month, there can be rainy days and the rare dusting of snow. Plan for the worst and expect the best that the fall season can offer.

What to pack

Pack for comfort and fun. You are going to be sitting for long periods of time so you want to be comfortable and warm. Layers are always a good idea so that you can gage your temperature needs (and that of your head companions) and accommodate any changes throughout the day. If you are planning night time activities, prepare your clothing choices accordingly remembering that, if you venture off site, you may wish to have some warmer clothing, jackets, hats, gloves (maybe even some long underwear!) and an umbrella to be prepared for the changeable fall weather conditions.

Other items that you should remember to bring or may want to consider bringing with you:

  • medications and any other medical supplies (it may be helpful to carry a copy of your prescriptions in case they are required)
  • glasses, hearing aids and any other medical devices
  • contact information and/or other relevant information especially if you are travelling alone
  • toiletries and sundries as there may be limited access available
  • items to sooth and/or amuse your head companions (e.g., stuffed animals, small toys, crayons, etc.)
  • light weight wrap in case you need warmth or comfort

P4² Conference Kit Ideas

  • knapsack to be hands-free and for easy carrying of things that you wish to have to hand
  • small lightweight shawl, throw or sweater for shoulders, legs, lumbar support, etc.
  • notebook and a couple of pens (one is sure to run out of ink)
  • water bottle to stay hydrated
  • packages of Kleenexes
  • small package of wipes/wet ones to freshen-up and perk-up
    pocket-sized hand sanitizer
  • printed copy of emergency contacts, address, medical conditions, instructions, etc.
  • fun things to amuse and comfort your headmate companions
  • ear plugs if the sound is too intense or you need to tune it out for a bit
  • energy snacks if you need a bit of snack
  • wallet with essential ID, credit card, and money
  • medications that you might need