P4 Retreat: North Carolina 2023

Note: If you are uncomfortable with any of the Retreat Guidelines and Boundaries listed below, please do not register for this event.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about trauma, dissociation, and Dissociative Identity Disorder. We are honored that you have chosen to learn more from us! This P4 Retreat will be filled with a wide variety of educational experiences. You and your internal system have fun, but also, gain a much deeper understanding and appreciation about your dissociative skills and abilities.

The P4 Retreat: North Carolina 2023 is designed for trauma survivors who are comfortable with and accepting of their dissociative diagnosis.  This retreat is for DID Systems who have a solid awareness of at least some of the people in their system and are open to learning more information about their insiders.  This is not a beginner level retreat.  If you are resistant to being DID, or too afraid to see or experience switching to other selves, or unstable in your ability to manage your personal safety, this retreat will be too challenging for you.

To get the best support while at the P4 Retreat: North Carolina 2023, it is strongly recommended that you join the DDCF Forum and be an active, participating DDCF member well ahead of the retreat.  Becoming familiar with your fellow retreat attendees before arriving at the retreat location will make your in-person experience much easier.

Due to the sensitive, graphic, and difficult nature of the topics surrounding DID, trauma, and recovery, we are unable to allow minors to attend this event.

Conference Venue
Highlands, North Carolina, USA