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Thank you for requesting Virtual or In-Person Consultation / Intensive with me, Kathy from Discussing Dissociation. I am looking forward to meeting with you and speaking with you.

I appreciate your courage and willingness to take this step -- it’s a big one.  You’re very brave!  I’m really not a scary person, so please don’t be worried.  However, we may talk about some difficult topics. There’s no doubt that I will likely ask you a variety of complicated questions, so I understand that this time could be emotionally intense for you as well. I will do my best to help.

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Please note:  If you would like to schedule a longer intensive than your purchased length of consultation, other payment arrangements (not PayPal) are preferred. Please contact me for further clarification if necessary.

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The Virtual and In-Person Consultation or Intensive services of Kathy Broady MSW and Discussing Dissociation are intended for mental health education, mental health support, or emotional support.  Please understand these consultation services are not mental health treatment nor a substitute for treatment. Please continue to work with your local mental health professionals.

Via your completed Scheduling Form, I will see your contact information and choose your preferred time for our Consultation time.  BUT FIRST …

I want to make sure you are clear on how to complete your Consultation request. 🙂

Also, I want you to know that the information that you type into this form will not be visible on the public website. Your typed responses go into an email that gets sent directly to me, Kathy, and you, but not to anyone else.

Please remember, email is not 100 percent confidential, secure, or 100 percent reliable.  No, I will not sell or spam your email address.

On this Scheduling Form, please include:

  • Your name: This can be your preferred name. Use the name you want me to use in my email correspondence with you.
  • Your email: Make sure this is a valid, working email. We may need to confirm and/or adjust the time and date for your Consultation so please remember to check your email regularly.
  • Your website or Facebook: This is optional, but I will be able to understand more about who you are if I can see who you are via your website or your Facebook page.  This general life information can be helpful in providing the best Consultation possible.
  • Your topic areas, questions, or concerns: Give a brief description of what you’d like to speak about during your Consultation time. What are your concerns, struggles, or questions? Check with your internal system.  What do your insiders want to talk about?
  • Your home location and usual time zone: In order to schedule our Consultation, we will both need to be available at the exact same time. Scheduling from different time zones takes coordination!  Knowing your local time zone will help us plan accurately.
  • Your preferred days, dates and/or times for your Consultation: List the days, dates, and times -- in our In-Person Consultation location time zone -- when you are available for your Consultation.  The more options you give me, the easier it will be for us to match our schedules.
  • Your preferred length of Consultation: Of the six different Consultation lengths available, which time option did you select?
  • Your phone number, including area code and/or country code: Please check to make sure you did not make any typo’s!  I’ll need to know which Country you are in for Country Codes, and your local Area Code, if that’s applicable.
  • Descriptions of your home life and medical history by answering the questions provided.

Once you complete your Scheduling Form, please answer the simple equation to show the technology that I have in place that you are a real person and not a bot.

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After you click “Continue”, the information you typed on the Scheduling Form will get emailed immediately to me and to you.  This ensures that we both have a copy of the information about your Consultation.

After I receive my copy of this Scheduling Form, on the first available work day, the Discussing Dissociation client care team will send you a personalized email confirming your purchase.

Thanks again for being willing to speak with me, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!