Payment Options

Payment Options


REGISTRATION for P4 Retreat: North Carolina 2023 is available now.   

See the PREVIEW Registration page for more information.

To officially register, contact us.


This retreat is a big investment for everyone, as important as it is for your healing, and getting the financials worked out can be a complicated process.  Retreats are not conferences -- the costs are higher as more of your expenses are included up front and the entire experience is far more personal and interactive -- you are not not just sitting in a conference room.   The retreat is an entire 12+ hour day, packed full of activities and interaction.  LOTS happens, at all times.  You will be busy, and you will get tired.  A retreat day costs about the same as a 2-hr video consultation with Kathy, and yet at the retreat, you get so much more.   It is a big investment, yes, and the rewards are great.

Your financial commitment to this event must be completed before your official Registration can be offered.   If you need special consideration or financial options, these issues must be discussed ahead of time with Kathy and/or Alex.

    $2880 covers your lodging, food, onsite recreation, and 10 days of intensive educational information with Kathy plus DID community companionship.
    $1480 covers your lodging, food, onsite recreation, and 4 days of intensive educational information with Kathy plus DID community companionship.
    $2220 covers your lodging, food, onsite recreation, and 7 days of intensive educational information with Kathy plus DID community companionship.
    Design which days you come.  Daily price:  $248 per day, for 1 - 9 days.
    $2244 covers all 10 days of food, onsite recreation, and intensive educational information and activities with Kathy plus DID community companionship.  For Day Retreat Attendees you are responsible for your own lodging/hotel and transportation costs.


Financial Options Available at this Time:

  • Use ZELLE for an online banking transfer. This is the easiest and most preferred option.   Contact us for necessary details.  If your bank does not use Zelle, Zelle has a free app you can download.
  • Also, you may send a WIRE TRANSFER from bank to bank.  Contact us for necessary details.
  • Ask YOUR bank how YOUR bank suggests you send a payment from bank to bank.  We can give you all the necessary account numbers. Tell us what you need.
  • Go to a Chase Bank and deposit a check straight into the designated account.  This actually works, even if you don't have your own Chase account.  Some Chase banks might require a Certified check instead of a personal check.  We will give you the banking information you need if you can do a walk-in or drive-thru' a Chase bank.
  • We have a HIPAA-approved online payment option that takes Credit Cards directly.  Contact Alex to make arrangements for how to use your Credit Card details.
  • I am less comfortable with using PayPal for the retreat, but a few people have already sent in PayPal payments.  Additional service fees may be applied.  The PayPal email address to use:
  • Cash App is a new addition. If you prefer that option, contact us for info.


  • Retreat costs vary from person to person, depending on your length of stay, type of attendance, whether or not you need to use our car-shuttles, or if you upgrade to the King bed, etc. Please confirm your specific costs with Alex or Sophie.
  • For anyone needing the shuttle ride from Atlanta to the Retreat Lodge, add $75 each way, for a total of $150 in shuttle costs.
  • For anyone requesting the King bed option, there is a $200 upgrade fee.


***All payments are being organized via Email Alex at . ***

*** Please contact us for banking information and any other financial details. ***

Email Alex and Sophie are working as quickly as they can to answer any questions or resolve any issues.   Feel free to contact them to let them know your preferred payment option and to get all the necessary information.

Your registration form and official registration pages will be sent to you after your payment process has been addressed.

THANK YOU for your willingness to invest in this unique opportunity!

We look forward to seeing  you there!